The Last Cuentista: The Lifesaving Art of Storytelling | Porter House Review

Note from the Editor: Translated into Spanish by Deana Cardona, Spanish Copy Editing by Devora Barrera González Para ver la versión en Español de esta revisión, desplácese hacia abajo por favor. “Habia una vez,” . . . in a galaxy far far away, Petra Peña awakens after humanity’s last chance of survival has been launched into space by the Pleiades Corp to find she is the only survivor with memories of Earth. In The Last Cuentista, author Donna Barba Higuera builds a world which relies upon

Poem Collection "Amatl" | OMEGA | Metatron Press

THE WAY, FROM OVER THERE Nican mopohua Aqui se narra Here it is told You get the idea. This Full Moon resonates with ancestral spirits Those ghosts of past generations, Who watch silently over our lives, May be heard tonight… WHIS PER ING wisdom and guidance. But I wonder, Why do they suddenly have so much guidance from beyond? Why is it they never shared this wisdom while here? Do they bring stories? Do they carry songs? Do they deliver curas or curses? My hairs

Porter House Reads: Halloween Edition | Porter House Review

Abra: I love how this poem encompasses the season and the different ways we honor or circumvent the memories of those who have passed. As the veil seems to become thinner and there’s a chill in the air we invite the visions and images of death (which we typically try to avoid) into our homes as decor, our wardrobes as masquerade, and our collective consciousness as both entertainment and observance as we embrace the shadowy side. The cacophony of celebration and overindulgence juxtaposed with t

Mala Nota makes the grade at their Flamingo Cantina show on March 7, 2020

Mala Nota kept it lively and fun last weekend at Flamingo Cantina and ushered in the beginning of Daylight Savings time with their upbeat big banda sound. The contemporary Latin rock band based out of Austin, Texas brought fans out onto the dance floor as soon as they took the stage. What started out as a sparsely filled room earlier in the evening suddenly began to fill up with one of their most energetic anthems, “Sucia Ley”. A tune that really showcases Mala Nota’s socially conscious lyrics,

Embracing the weird and wonderful in Sedona

Sedona, Ariz., is a charming destination with pine trees to the north and deserts to the south. Hiking trails, scenic red-rock overlooks and the famous vortexes — where the Earth’s energy is said to be amplified — all are worthy attractions. After visiting family who relocated there last year, I quickly realized that to “get” Sedona, you have to venture out and embrace the strange. Even if you’re a cynic like my boyfriend, Jon, with whom I recently made a return trip. Here are my recommendations